Hi! I’m Leslie, your guide at Recipes For A Whole Self.

I help women who are tired of living the same old story they’ve been living for years to build a  new story fueled by plant based foods, vibrant energy, and connection to their inner selves.

I started creating my new story after years of always putting myself last and stuffing down my feelings. Like many women, I was raised that I was supposed to always put everyone else first, to “sacrifice”,  and wondered why I no longer knew who “I” was other than my kids’ mom or somebody’s wife. I was a sad and tired mess who had no joy in life other than my kids. I couldn’t think of any reason I should be alive. For my own and my kids’ sake, I knew I needed to change something.

I slowly I took my first steps towards a new way of life.  I started meditating, journaling, and feeding my body plant based foods. My family and friends commented on the change in my personality, on the amount of energy I now had, and I was actually having FUN for the first time in years!

“What is a “whole self”? To me it’s when a person is lovingly in harmony with who they are, knowing that they’re not perfect, and don’t need to be. They are themselves, and that’s enough.

It doesn’t mean that they’re not striving to grow as a person, it doesn’t mean that they’re finished with learning new things, it just means that they’re OK with who they are, right now, on the journey of life.”